Quebec could get new seats when the Conservative government increases representation for the country's fastest growing provinces, Prime Minister Stephen Harper hinted Friday.

Harper says Quebec's proportion of seats in the House will remain the same, as his government prepares to give B.C., Alberta and Ontario more MPs to match their rising populations.

The Conservatives have promised to reintroduce legislation to increase the number of seats for the three provinces, but a report in the Globe and Mail said that plan has been delayed because of fears of a backlash in Quebec if it loses ground in Parliament.

On Friday, Harper repeated the party's position, which was included in its election platform. He said the government made three promises about representation in the House.

"First of all, that we would increase the number of seats now and in the future to better reflect the growth of Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta, the growth of those provinces and their population," he said in Peterborough, Ont.