Democracy Gone Astray

Democracy, being a human construct, needs to be thought of as directionality rather than an object. As such, to understand it requires not so much a description of existing structures and/or other related phenomena but a declaration of intentionality.
This blog aims at creating labeled lists of published infringements of such intentionality, of points in time where democracy strays from its intended directionality. In addition to outright infringements, this blog also collects important contemporary information and/or discussions that impact our socio-political landscape.

All the posts here were published in the electronic media – main-stream as well as fringe, and maintain links to the original texts.

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Sunday, September 02, 2012

The US Chamber of Commerce's Multimillion-Dollar Attack Plan

“Obamacare will be a nightmare for Florida seniors,” a grim voiceover announces. “Did Bill Nelson consider the consequences when he cast a deciding vote for Obamacare?”

“Tell Jon Tester: the Washington way isn’t the solution,” another intones. “We need less government and lower taxes.”

“Sherrod,” a third asks, referring to Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, “what planet are you on?”

Private property on reserve no silver bullet for First Nations

OTTAWA — The federal government’s apparent plan to some day provide property rights to First Nations members isn’t the silver bullet towards improved economic prosperity that it might seem to be, say experts.

In fact, some say it won’t help those communities most in need and is unnecessary for more prosperous First Nations.

Watchdog’s report suggests problems remain with federal procurement

A suspicious number of federal contracts for goods and services appear rigged to favour one bidder, suggests a new survey.

The report, from the contracting watchdog at Public Works, provides further evidence of problems with the Harper government’s efforts to clean up procurement practices.

The office of procurement ombudsman Frank Brunetta examined all 442 sole-source deals that were posted electronically between July, 2011 and January this year.

New ridings give Tories an edge

OTTAWA—The federal Conservatives stand to be the big winners when 30 new ridings are added to the map for the next election, according to a study that puts the 2011 results into the proposed boundaries for the 2015 vote.

The Conservatives’ current majority would leap to 191 seats in the next 338-member Parliament — compared to 166 out of 308 they won in 2011 — if the votes from the last election were distributed along the proposed new boundary lines, according to a detailed poll-by-poll analysis by the firm

Labour Day: Are Unions Antiquated Or Poised For A Revival?

OTTAWA - Labour historian Mark Leier has an interesting perspective this Labour Day weekend on anti-union rhetoric and the prospect of a post-unionized Canadian economy.

The labour-friendly academic at Vancouver's Simon Fraser University recalls combing the archives of the Globe and Mail as he researched attitudes toward organized labour.

Desmond Tutu: Bush, Blair Should Face Trial Over Iraq

LONDON -- Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Desmond Tutu called Sunday for Tony Blair and George Bush to face prosecution at the International Criminal Court for their role in the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq

Tutu, the retired Anglican Church's archbishop of South Africa, wrote in an op-ed piece for The Observer newspaper that the ex-leaders of Britain and the United States should be made to "answer for their actions."