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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Why My Mother Supports Bernie Sanders for President

Hello, Mom.

Hi, Honey. How are you?

Good. I’m at the tracks. I’m going into the city tonight to cover the debate.

Oh, good! That sounds fun.

Yeah, I’m excited. Say, we’re voting the same way in this primary, right?


And many of your peers are too? Where you are?


Huh. Well, I’m thinking about how many members of your generation seem reluctant to join their daughters and sons in the Sanders phenomenon. Why do you think that is?

I … I don’t know.

Why are you for Sanders?

Well, I just think he’s closer to my situation than “Big Bank” Hillary is.

That’s the case for many of your generation. But they don’t seem to see it. Or they do, but they don’t think it matters, or they feel something else is more important. What do you think it is?

I don’t know. You know, I followed Bill and Hillary my whole life, but then I got to know Bernie.

Do you have any friends who aren’t for Sanders?

There are one or two who surprised me. Jim was asked if he’d staff the opening of the office headquarters up here, and when he said he wasn’t sure, Dave said he had 24 hours to decide. He ended up supporting Hillary, but I don’t think it matters. They were in power in the ’80s, you know. This is 2016. They’re not the future.

I know. I’m just anxious that we have this opportunity and my generation won’t get the chance to make the best of it. Or worse. And that it could be our own mothers and fathers who kept us from it, who are responsible for whatever follows. …

What do you make of the argument that Clinton is more electable than Sanders in a contest with the Republicans?

I don’t buy it.

You don’t?



Because I don’t believe the polls. A lot of people know Sanders is who he says he is. Others, unfortunately, are too swayed by the media, and they lie and distort. I think if common sense were common, everyone would be for Bernie. And this country would be in better shape.

You know, I was knocking on doors the other day, and a woman who identified as an environmentalist called herself a Clinton supporter. My friend told her that Clinton pushed fracking all over the world when she led the State Department. The woman didn’t seem to know that, but neither was she impressed. When I asked her what she likes about Clinton, she said her bank account was full during the Clinton administration. What would you say to her?

Your dad and I had money then too, before he was laid off and the insurance companies wouldn’t cover his disease and the cost of his health care took all of our assets. Lots of people had money. But that doesn’t mean Bill was responsible for it, or that those days would come back under Hillary.

Yeah ... So, you’re not afraid Sanders will raise your taxes?

No. As I understand it, he won’t raise taxes on most people. And so what if I pay a little more? I’ll save money if he gets us universal health care.

What about the idea that he wouldn’t be able to do that or achieve other parts of his agenda with the Republicans in Congress?

Well, I guess I think it’s worth trying. The Republicans and conservative Democrats are what they are today because too many people have checked out of politics. Bernie is changing that, and with the enthusiasm he’s creating, with the ground he’s making with your generation, together we could make it very difficult for those politicians to keep screwing with us.

I think you’re right. I wish more people had moms like you.

Thank you, sweetie. Have fun tonight.

I will. Love you, Mom.

Love you too.


Original Article
Author: Alexander Reed Kelly

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